A collection of Disney musings and sounds from the familiar to the extremely rare. Sounds from everything Disney, but mostly Disneyland.
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Proud of Your Boy - Adam Jacobs

From Disney’s Aladdin

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Friend Like Me - James Monroe Iglehart, Adam Jacobs & The Original Broadway Cast

from Disney’s Aladdin

I may have teared up. I might still be teary eyed. Although I have little hope for it on this Earth, I still pray for peace in our Small World.

the Friend Like Me video is actually from a very early preview in Toronto (I think the 2nd or third preview of the show?) not a Broadway preview :)
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Yes, I realized that after, but I’ve been too busy to edit it haha. Thanks. Fixed now!

Friend Like Me - Aladdin the Musical

From a pre-Broadway preview. Some of these mistakes have probably tightened up. Spoilers for those who prefer to see it live.

Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing “Let It Go”

(with classroom instruments.)

It’s good to see Idina… er… Adele Dazeem more relaxed and comfortable.

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Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue (Intro) - Disney California Adventure

Opening in January 2006, Monsters, Inc. replaced the former Superstar Limo dark ride, and although a much better ride, is in many ways a repurposed Superstar Limo. The track layout remains unchanged, and several of the CDA Agents look suspiciously like the old Celebrity figures

This intro makes use of the opening scene and leftover TV screens from Superstar. Enjoy!

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Can You Feel the Love Tonight

From Disney’s The Lion King

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I See The Light - Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi

From Disney’s Tangled

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Weil du liebst (Out of Love) - Berlin Cast

From the musical Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame

You like Esmeralda, don’t you? After all, she’s very beautiful.


She’s kind. And brave.


And smart.


And beautiful.


I like her too. And I believe she likes me.

You’re handsome.

And kind, and brave?